New York is a large city bustling with life. Commencing an apartment search in such a huge city can be an intimidating task. The available space is limited and the demand is often high. Finding apartments can be especially difficult for students because they have to focus on affordability as well. There are several services providing student accommodation NYC. Here is a reliable and affordable one.


Student Housing Works

Student Housing Works is a service that provides fully furnished student accommodation NYC. They are also available in Boston and Miami. All their locations in New York are accepted and approved by many NYC universities and internship sponsors. So if you are looking for an accommodation then just search through their database by the price range and location.  They are sensitive to the needs of students and so all of their locations are safe and secure places within university neighborhoods. These are some advantages of this student accommodation service:

  • They provide certain utilities and Wi-Fi services for free.
  • Their monthly rental charge is inclusive of all electrical, internet and cable bills. You don’t have to pay these separately to the respective companies.
  • They are very flexible with their services and timing. You can move-in at midnight or extend your stay over the weekend without much hassle.
  • The apartments are well thought-out, spacious and come with inclusive bedsheets, blankets, and pillows.
  • They provide off-campus housing services to several major universities, industries, and corporations.
  • They are optimally located such that they are often very close to buses, subways, cab centers, theatres, libraries, hospitals, banks and public transport.

So, for your next semester in the city that never sleeps, find a place in which you can stay comfortably, pay reasonably and effortlessly fall asleep.

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