Where to repair iPhone in Singapore – iPhone Battery Replacement

With over 60 lawsuits filed against the company, Apple has compensated for the slowing down of older versions of iPhones by replacing the old batteries with newer ones at a nominal price. With the iOS 11.30 update, the iPhones of the older models were deliberately made slower. In response to people’s aggravation against this not-so-transparent and not-so-fruitful way of making the phone work well, Apple had to apologize.

where to repair iphone in singapore
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The reason Apple has given for slowing down its phones is that they want to increase the life of their phones. It was seen that the older models were not compatible enough to take the load of the update and would crash down frequently and unexpectedly.

It has to be understood that as the phone or a computer ages, the battery requires more frequent charging. The issue with Apple is not only about the age of the phones, rather about the update that those phones’ batteries could not handle and for which Apple had to slow down the phones deliberately. This has affected a few models of iPhones including 6, 6E, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+.

Where to repair iPhone in Singapore?

Considering the offers that Apple has rolled out, it is advisable that one takes advantage and gets the repairs in an Apple store nearby. If you are searching where to repair iphone in Singapore then the options are plenty. There are various Apple stores in Singapore and they are authorized to service stations, for batteries and other kinds of repairs.

What could be the cost, estimated?

The cost of iPhone battery replacement has been brought down from $79 to $25 per set. However, one could get their battery replaced for free also. Here’s how.

In 2016, due to some technical reasons, Apple had offered free replacement of batteries to the phones that were manufactured between September and October of 2015.

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